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The block 2023 house 3


Part of the challenge this year on The Block, is to work with the architect's exterior scheme from the very start! After the house decider challenge- the contestants were given the house plans along with the architect's interpretation of how the houses exterior should look.

The cohesion of the old-and-new was an important consideration for the architect’s design, while maintaining an independent look for each home.


House 1:

The exterior for House 1 features cladding in COLORBOND® steel, in the colour Dover White™. The existing home was re-roofed using Monument® in a Matt finish – to create this classic monochromic look.

The crisp Dover White™ with the strong depth of Monument®, creates a timeless combination – that can be effortlessly interpreted throughout the home.

House 2:

Featuring a roof made from COLORBOND® steel, in the calm and cool new colour Southerly®, House 2 showcases a modern take on retro – through the use of dark colours and light timbers.

House 3:

The corner house on The Block is nestled away for this suburban retreat in the middle of suburbia. The COLORBOND® steel roof, in the colour Shale Grey™ creates a strong and durable addition to the streetscape.

House 4:

The board-and-batten design is reminiscent of a woodland cottage with Basalt® in a Matt finish sitting proud as the roofing on both levels. The mid-toned grey coordinates with the warm stonework and dark colours of the façade.

House 5:

House 5 features cladding and roofing in COLORBOND® steel. It features the third of our new colours, Bluegum® in a Matt finish, and showcases the importance of shape, line and texture when designing the exterior.

We can’t wait to see how these builds progress!

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The Block 2023 competition

The competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners will be announced soon.

House 1 the Block 2023

Each year, The Block manages to bring with it all sorts of impressive firsts on many different levels. Adding to the list this year is the unique COLORBOND® steel installation team on Kyle and Leslie’s eye-catching monochromatic masterpiece - House 1.

COLORBOND® steel on The Block 2023

This season on The Block, COLORBOND® steel is set to feature in all sorts of exciting and innovative ways across this year’s five houses.

House 3 on The Block 2022

It’s that time of year again when The Block is back to grab the attention of millions of viewers across Australia. Let’s quickly dive back through our time on The Block and share some of the highlights.

COLORBOND® steel and The Block 2022 LCD Plumbing partner

We’d like to take a moment to compliment the skill and dedication of a select group of customers and partners that have enabled us to showcase COLORBOND® steel and highlight the attributes it can bring to a construction project like The Block.

4wd on beach scene. COLORBOND® steel. Dover White™, Bluegum®, Southerly®

COLORBOND® steel launched three new colours in 2022, and all three feature on The Block this year. These new colours bring a fresh direction to the COLORBOND® steel palette, along with the durability to perform in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.

The Block 2023 - House 1

House 1’s façade has a modern coastal feel, but with elevated profiles and materials that pay homage to the coastal environment and the home’s history with the repurposed warm toned bricks.

The block 2023 house 2

House 2’s design concept is focused around a modern version of mid-century design both internally and externally. Mixed materials were a huge influence in mid-century design including the use of mixed shapes like linear and curved lines.

The block 2023 house 3

House 3's exterior already makes a strong colour statement, with a dark upper level and lighter colours below.

The block 2023 house 4

House 4 is possibly the most “traditional” house on the Block, with the external look highly inspired by the so-called board-and-batten style of modern cottages.

The block 2023 - House 5

The neutrality of the Bluegum® colour works perfectly within House 5's design concept which blends urban aesthetics with a bohemian feel.